Guide for authors



 The paper (including references, tables, and inscriptions to the figures) must not exceed 10 pages. Text Formatting Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word 6.0-7.0. Use a normal, plain font (e.g., 14-point Times Roman) for text, line spacing - 1, all margins - 20 mm.The text should be printed on white paper of A4 format on one side of the sheet in one column to the printer with a clear text. All pages should be numbered consecutively in the bottom right corner. Drawings can be provided separately, made in black and white with the obligatory reference to them in the text.

     The article should include the following:

1. UDC, IRSTI - on the first page in the top left corner.

2. Title. Title of the article should be short (no more than 10 words) but informative, reflecting the main result of the study. Title is typed in bold capital letters, font size – 14; the title is not allowed the use of abbreviations, except for universally accepted.

3. Initials and names of all authors, cities and countries, e-mail address of the main author.

4. Abstract (no more than 600 characters). Reflects the scope of this article, the practical value, originality, the main points and conclusions of the research.

5. Keywords. Authors should provide 5 to 9 keywords, which can be used for indexing purposes.

Title of the article, information on the authors, abstract and keywords are presented in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

6. Thetextofthearticleshouldcontainfollowingsections:
- Introduction; 
- Objects and Methods of Research; 
- Results and their Discussion; 
- Conclusions; 
- References  (bibliography is made in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description.General requirements and rules.") References are listed in order of citation in the text. The text of the article is given the serial number of the source from the list of references in square brackets. Links to electronic documents should be made out in accordance with GOST 7.82-2001 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description of electronic resources."Do not use more than 3 Internet sources, as well as literature, since the publication of which has been more than 10 years.   

The manuscript should be carefully checked and signed by all the authors on the last page of the main text. Articles are subject to the general editing. The articles are not returned. Articles accepted for publication after consideration by the Editorial Board.

It is necessary to present following materials to editorial office:
1. Electronic version of the article. The articlefile should be called by the name of the first author –IztaevA.I.doc;

2. Printed copy of the article, strictly corresponding to electronic version. In case of discrepancies, the editors focus on the electronic version of the manuscript;

3. Information about the authors: last name, first name of each co-author, place and address of employer,  position, structural unit, Degree; contact phone number, e-mail, date of birth. Asterisks indicate the corresponding author. The file should be called by the name of the first author.

4. A cover letter addressed to the editor-in-chief on the form of the sending organization and the date of registration and outgoing number, the conclusion about the relevance of the work and recommendations for publication, signed by the head of the institution.

5. Two experts (PhDs) reviews to the article.

6. Expert opinion on the possibility of publication in the press (for ATU employees is not required).

7. A copy of the payment receipt.

 To compensate partially the cost of publication of the Journal the fee for one publication is set in the amount of  6500 tenge. For employees of ATU the fee is 4000 tenge.

 Realizable price of one issue - 1100 tenge.

 The Index of publication is 75907. You can make a subscription to the Journal at any branch of Kazpost JSC.

 Editorial address: 050012, Almaty, st. Tole Bi 100, Almaty Technological University, Science Department, tel.: 8 (7272) 93-53-19, ext. 178 

Payment details:

 РНН 600700012258,

 ИИК КZ878560000000011134

 КБе 17, БИК 190501719


 БИН 990840000359

 "Bank Center Credit".


Foreign authors can make the payment in US dollars at the current exchange rate of the National Bank. Payment details:

 Almaty Technological University,

 "Bank CenterCredit" Almaty,


 БИН 990840000359,

 ИИК KZ878560000000517280.